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The Refit Management Company

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Located in major boating centers … Annapolis and the British Virgin Islands… MRP Refits will manage the repair and refit of your sailboat at the location most convenient for you.  MRP sees each boat as an integrated machine and makes sure that all systems work together to make the boat safe, comfortable, fast, & easy to operate.  

With decades of experience in outfitting dozens of sailboats over 45 feet for ocean passage-making,  we have developed a cadre of high quality subcontractors, each with special areas of expertise. We draw on each other’s knowledge to design the solution that best fits your needs. We're serious about Our Mission to better serve boat owners. 

What we do -----
  • Problem diagnosis, solutions determination, and project management
  • Fiberglass repair, painting, gelcoat work
  • Electronics repair and replacement
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning repair and replacement
  • Welding and metal fabricating
  • Engine and generator repair and replacement
  • Rigging and sail repair

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In the BVI: (Nov-Apr)

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