Green is Good!

"To those voyaging afar on 70 percent of the earth's surface, independence and self reliance are two of the main attractions to going places on a sailboat.  Energy independence is paramount." 
---- Miles Poor, MRP Refit owner and Project Manager

MRP Refits will design a “Green” system for your boat and budget. 

Talk to us about.....


  • Watt & Sea water generators reliably produce 18-20 amps at 8 knots of boat speed with no discernible drag.

Wind Generators

  • Silent Wind and D400 wind generators bring 24-hour charging power to your system wherever the wind blows.

Solar Panels

  • Traditional rigid solar panels or lighter-weight Solara flexible panels will keep your batteries topped up.

Ask about the proprietary bracket MRP has developed to allow you to easily remove the Watt &Sea when it is not in use.